My thoughts about working with marble countertops

Auteur Jeannette Eijgenraam

mei 17, 2020

When we renovated our kitchen last year, we chose to put in gray marble countertops. One the one hand, I just couldn’t imagine anything else in the kitchen. On the other hand, we were very nervous; was it the right decision? Would they be a practical choice for a daily-use kitchen? What about etching and straining?

Read on to find out what I think about my marble countertops, a while after moving in our new house.

The First Week

When we moved in our new house, we didn’t have a countertop yet. We were working really hard to move in and get the kitchen set up before family came to visit for Christmas, so I was putting away spices and other staples, and the installer wasn't arrived to seal the marble. I spilled some cinnamon or cumin on the countertop, and it left a big brownish spot that wouldn’t come off.

The day after we put a sheet pan down on the counter and left a rusty spot underneath the pan. I scrubbed and scrubbed it but it still stained.

These are the only visible spots we have, and they were all from before we sealed the countertops, but I was worried of putting anything on the countertops for a small period afterwards.

After the countertops were sealed there have been almost no problems with staining. I am careful about wiping up certain things like cumin or other spices, but I don’t worry about splashes of grapes or coffee. They wipe right up, even if they’ve dried or sat there for a big period.

The Short Answer

The short answer? I'm in love with the countertops. After a year and a half of working with marble, I find it clean, cool, and bright. It’s lovely to work on, and very easy to clean.

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